Woohooo … the Great Ocean Road, a Perilous Coastal Drive Made with Explosives and Causing Sparks in Rock Romance Novel, Siren’s Wave

Well, maybe not so perilous nowadays, but back in the 1930’s it was a single lane death trap, hugging the Surf Coast’s sheer cliffs with only a few places where drivers could pull over to allow other cars to pass. Yikes – you wouldn’t want to back up your Y model Ford around this in the dark.

Victoria’s 151-mile-long winding coastal road, built with the blood, sweat and tears of 3,000 returned WWI soldiers between 1919 and 1932 at a rate of about 1.86 miles a month. Pretty good going considering they got the job done with not much more than their bare hands, explosives, pick n shovels and wheelbarrows.


“It’s a memorial to the returned World War I soldiers, the poor buggers who built this road. Can you imagine the extreme toil? But we love it because it means we’ve commenced the woohoo part of the journey. It’s gorgeous, just wait. You often get whales cruising out there around September. Waves cresting. Birds wafting. It’s camping with mates. Summer. Azure skies. The forest. This road brings all the best things, you’ll see.”

 – Ava, waxing lyrical to the Silva boys on the joys of the road and its wild ocean and forest surrounds, Siren’s Wave novel by J.A. Hazel.

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