Siren’s Wave Paperback …

the verdict is in … dal-russels absolutely love it!


I really couldn’t believe it when I glanced down at Lola. She just happened to be reading my paperback copy of Siren’s Wave, an angsty rock and roll love story. I interrupted her at the part where Bran says …

“I’m only kissing you, Ava. I don’t need anymore.”

Just like Ava, Lola certainly didn’t look fooled by his statement.lola-lay

In fact, she looked mournfully back at me with her sweet chocolate eyes, surely asking … “Do you think Bran might like girls with pale white skin all covered in irregular black dots?”

It was difficult, but I told her, “Well Lola darling, I hate to break this to you … but you’re … um … a dog. So, no, I don’t imagine that you’re his type.”

Clearly disappointed, she gazed vacuously at me then comforted herself by licking her toes for a spell. Satisfied with her work, she got back to reading, absorbed once more. Phew! Unhappy dog disaster narrowly averted.

After a time, I felt her staring at me again and was surprised to see this expression …lola-lick

Absolutely terrifying! What could she mean by wielding her tongue in that wicked manner? I can only guess that she’s really enjoying the story. Bad dog Lola.

Note: No dogs were harmed in the taking of these photos. Treats were very much appreciated, though.

Siren’s Wave paperback now available to order online at, Booktopia, Fishpond, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and more …

4 thoughts on “Siren’s Wave Paperback …”

  1. Ha! Roxy sure is gorgeous. And coincidently, I think Lola shares the same taste – she’d much prefer the treats without the books if you please 🙂 All the best, Jay

  2. I read Sirens Wave and loved it. Sex and drugs and rock n roll, with an appetising side of romance. What more does a girl need in escapist reading matter? Satisfying characters that are not only enticing but seem realistically drawn. I was not surprised to find JAHazel has a background in the recording industry. Her real life knowledge peeps out like a supporting lacy petticoat from under the hem of the colourful frock of a tale she has woven. Very enjoyable and I can’t wait for the next book.

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