Sex in Romance Novels …

how do YOU like it?

Another lovely photo splice of Ton Heukels and Marthe Wiggers by Alvaro Beaumud Cortes for Stylist France…

As Bran and Ava’s story continues, the flames are burning several degrees hotter than in Siren’s Wave. Strangely, this seems to be happening beyond my control, and it’s got me thinking about the frequency and detail of sex scenes in contemporary romance novels and at what point it becomes a bore-fest or crosses over into the realms of erotica? Not that there’s anything wrong with erotica. If you’re into it—enjoy—I say.

Personally, rather than endure a blow-by-blow account, I like my imagination to get a good workout. Too many ginormous, clever appendages thrusting at quivering, slippery slopes start me yawning and skipping pages, hunting for the next bit of plot action. The real emotion. Or the heavy feels, as we like to say in romance land.

So, in book 2 I have a fairly hot scene in chapter 3. Good God, I hear you cry. In book 1, after our reluctant lovers finally got it on the main event pretty much happened off screen (at least in the current paperback version). The current eBook is another matter because there’s a bit more detail to be had there!

Right now, this extra intensity between the sheets feels a vital energy that needs to burn a little wild, like their current relationship. And, yet, I don’t want to be overly descriptive and curb readers’ imaginations with surplus stage directions. Have I got the balance right? I’m not sure yet. At some point, Bran and Ava will likely tell me.

2 thoughts on “Sex in Romance Novels …”

  1. Hi Jay, I love romance reads, and erotica if I’m in the mood but whichever they are too much repetitive stuff is a turn off. I’ve written crits on erotica where author seems to think because its tagged as erotica its OK to write page after page after page of the same scene with slight variations.
    For me sex should be the spice in the book, not the leading theme. Detail is fine if its well written but often the suggestions and hints are more sensual than a blow-by-blow every little detail telling, especially when frankly some authors just can’t write good sex scenes. Less really can be More.
    I got so fed up of the weird and wonderful in sex scenes I started compiling a list…and oI’m thinking of a second one of the impractical/impossible scenes…there’s one trilogy I really enjoyed where the couple had sex on horseback! On his black stallion of course, who was totally unfazed at H ripping off her yoga pants and thrusting into her while riding…yeah, as if! As a horse-rider I know that -well I won’t say no horse but certainly very few would allow that, and it would be uncomfortable, you’d need to be riding bareback – as in no saddle 😉 and two riders one horse isn’t good for the horse’s back. All I can visualise is some pretty hot and sweaty sex, of not the good kind hot and sweaty, a very uncomfortable horse and riders, cos its not a good place for sex, lots of chafing for h, where her bare skin is rubbing against horse, making the horse fidget uncomfortably and very likely the horse either bucking them off or charging away trying to dislodge them.
    There’s lots like that where as a reader instead of thinking how hot the scene is I’m thinking As If, My god there’s not enough space, euww the cleaning cupboard…as an ex-cleaner I can tell you they usually have an aroma of cleaning chemicals and whiffy damp mops and cloths. You won’t want to get at it in there!

    These are all genuine words/phrases in books I’ve read!
    love muscle
    man meat,
    love button,
    fluttering, quivering opening ( really makes the vagina sound like a butterfly)
    Rose (Vagina)
    yearning bud
    snatch/oozing snatch
    Staff… ( thy rod and staff comfort me)
    juicy hole
    long length of him
    long rope of him ( could be scratchy if its hemp rope!)
    centre of her desire
    coochie/coochie grazing
    hoo ha
    bundle/knot of nerves
    apple could solve that little problem I.liner
    from eating my cookie to plowing my corn hole
    laved her wet, trembling folds
    from her quavering center ( surely only old ladies quaver…..)
    her pleasure point
    sliding his enormity into her…
    rocketed herself up to the mushroom cap
    curls of her divide
    stiff banner of his need
    sweet quim
    honeyed centre
    the length of his love
    The werewolves refers to their penises (peni?) as “woobies.” From I’m the Vampire, that’s Why

    1. Wow Jeannie-thank you-that was hilarious. I’m very grateful to you for collating that mind boggling list for us, and I hope you’ll provide a future update as it grows. It was most entertaining, and there’s nothing like a good laugh before breakfast. Thank goodness I’m not having sausages with my eggs today, though.

      The on-horse gymnastics made me think of how repulsed I feel when a couple of flies land on my arm to ‘plough each other’s cornhole’ Whatever that means! Perhaps there’s only one cornhole involved? Who knows?

      And I really empathised with the poor old stallion having to deal with a, no doubt, 6″4 tall fella, rippling with the muscles of a silver-back, ‘sliding’ the ‘enormity’ of his ‘long rope’ repeatedly into some yoga posing ‘va-Jay-jay’ via the ‘curls of her divide’. Gosh! I’d certainly think about bucking them off. But as long as the guy’s ‘stiff banner of need’ wasn’t ‘clever’ (I just hate clever appendages) then I probably wouldn’t, because it all sounds quite feasible as a sex scene and only uncomfortable for the horse 😉
      Please send more!

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