SILVA – Rock Star Romance – the Siren’s Wave Sequel.

Being a rock star isn’t easy. Being in love with one is downright harrowing.

A lovely review from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews for SILVA, Siren’s Wave Book 2.

Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews

Genre:  Romance
Last year I reviewed a fabulous Rock Star Romance book, Siren’s Wave,  my review here 

If you enjoyed that there’s a FREE sequel written for us folk who wanted more 😉 Just  click here and follow the links.Its not on general sale so you won’t find it at the usual retailers.

I reread Siren’s Wave before reading Silva, its got so much detail and is very different to most of whats out. (In a good way – so much romance is cut-n-paste it feels like, change the names but the story is the same ), so I wanted to remind myself of exactly how the characters got to where they are now.

I loved the angst, the struggles of Siren’s Wave, and in Silva all that is multiplied. Bran and Ava really go through the wringer, its heart-breaking at times.
I was so angry at both of…

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