Greetings! I live in the foothills of Melbourne where magpies, cockatoos and king parrots visit daily.

Once upon a time, I worked in the Australian music industry–which made my eyes goggle constantly. As part of a 12-step recovery from the fun, I dream up fairy tales for misfits and listen to angst-filled music.  I love to sing along. Which is why the cockatoos like me. We sound so similar.

When I’m not writing or singing to birds, I’m making heart-felt apologies to all the humans who have heard me. Sorry family! Again.

Drop me a line at jahazel777@gmail.com and I’ll send you a voice memo of me singing. Just kidding!! I’m not that cruel.

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The Dream J.A. Hazel
The Dream – by J.A. Hazel – This dream was so strong it woke me up and made me get out the paints before breakfast and, as you can see, I’m certainly no Van Gogh. It also sparked the story of Siren’s Wave. Thank you dream – it’s been a fun ride! The subconscious is indeed a mysterious realm. Note oriental cat Indahh (yep two H’s) at foot of bed. I miss that crazy feline.