Hi there! I’m the author of rock and roll romance novels Siren’s Wave and Silva. I live in Melbourne, Australia. While working in band management, at entertainment agencies, and a record company I collected colourful and sometimes frightening fodder for stories. I like to dream up fairy tales for misfits, listen to angst-filled music and, unfortunately for my family, sing along loudly.

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The Dream J.A. Hazel
The Dream – by J.A. Hazel – This dream was so strong it woke me up and made me get out the paints before breakfast and, as you can see, I’m certainly no Van Gogh. It also sparked the story of Siren’s Wave. Thank you dream – it’s been a fun ride! The subconscious is indeed a mysterious realm. Note oriental cat Indahh (yep two H’s) at foot of bed. I miss that crazy feline.