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A damaged, up-and-coming rock star doesn’t know what love is. Even when it smacks him in the face. Twice. When he falls hard for a girl who’s determined to resist him, what else can he do but break apart?

Dark forests, rogue waves, and pinned, brittle dragonflies. Someone’s having nightmares. But who?

Sizzling-hot New York rocker, Bran, is sure of just two things in life. You can’t rely on anyone. And love isn’t real. With music and a wild surf to subdue his demons, he can cope with anything.

Except maybe Ava.

The feisty girl, who works for his Melbourne record company, is a total pain in the butt. There’s no way she could be the key to overcoming the traumatic past he keeps well-hidden. Or is there?

Note, the novel contains strong language and drug use, so please don’t read if this offends.

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Siren's Wave

Siren's Wave by J.A. Hazel Note: At present the paperback is only available in the original abstract patterned cover not the extra angst version.