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Great Wave Off Kanagawa

Find out what happens to Bran and Ava in the Siren’s Wave sequel as they’re caught in the rip of Silva’s success. I must warn you that the heat’s much higher in this one, but if that’s fine with you then sign up to the mailing list below or shoot me an email to receive it FREE.

It’s available now!

Even though Bran & Ava got their happy-ever-after at the end of Siren’s Wave, Silva was written just for you guys who wanted more. The story of how they cope when the inevitable tidal wave that strikes most couples, at some point, kept floating around in my head wanting to be told. And, oh, the drama, especially given Bran’s particular childhood scars.

So, because it’s just for you – and definitely not for general consumption – it won’t be up at retailers and will only be available here. FREE. It’s ready to read.

Silva - Siren's Wave book 2
Silva – End of a Rock and Roll Love Story. Siren’s Wave Book 2

Silva’s album is bulleting up the charts. Thanks to Ava, Bran has made peace with his past. But what’s left for a rock star to get when he has everything he ever wanted? How about a kick in the gut and a few things he doesn’t want—like a seriously obsessed fan, a full frontal body-slam from that pesky past he thought he’d wrangled, and the one thing—the only thing—that just might make him implode after all.

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Silva: End of a Rock and Roll Love Story

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A 70’s vibe Ton Heukels plus guitar = hell yeah to the rock romance novel!