Silva – End of a Rock and Roll Love Story!

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Being a rock star isn’t easy. Being in love with one is downright harrowing. Especially when you’re hiding an unwelcome ‘little’ surprise from him…

Silva, the Siren’s Wave sequel is available now!

Silva - Siren's Wave book 2
Silva – End of a Rock and Roll Love Story. Siren’s Wave Book 2

Silva’s album is bulleting up the charts. Thanks to Ava, Bran has made peace with his past. But what’s left for a rock star to get when he has everything he ever wanted? How about a kick in the gut and a few things he doesn’t want—like a seriously obsessed fan, a full frontal body-slam from that pesky past he thought he’d wrangled, and the one thing—the only thing—that just might make him implode after all.

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 Warning increased heat quota!

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A 70’s vibe Ton Heukels plus guitar = hell yeah to the rock romance novel!

A lovely review below from Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews! Check out Jeannie’s blog here Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews. She reads an impressive amount of books and has some really great recommendations.

Last year I reviewed a fabulous Rock Star Romance book, Siren’s Wave …

If you enjoyed that there’s a FREE sequel written for us folk who wanted more 😉 … It’s not on general sale so you won’t find it at the usual retailers.

I reread Siren’s Wave before reading Silva, its got so much detail and is very different to most of whats out. (In a good way – so much romance is cut-n-paste it feels like, change the names but the story is the same), so I wanted to remind myself of exactly how the characters got to where they are now.

I loved the angst, the struggles of Siren’s Wave, and in Silva all that is multiplied. Bran and Ava really go through the wringer, its heart-breaking at times.

I was so angry at both of them, wanted to shake them, make them see just what they were in danger of losing, that they were so lucky to have found this precious love with each other, that they needed to treasure it, nurture it.

We’ve got the same great group of characters as in book one, more of that perfect music/band setting that J A Hazel does so well. And of course Nate’s mum, Abby’s, dog Roxy!! a real star 😉

All that made the story and the characters feel so very real to me.

I need novels to feel real, I know they aren’t but I want to get lost in the story, feel as if I’m there with characters, feeling as they feel, worry when they’re unhappy, share their joy when things come right.

There’s a great insight into the characters here, what motivates them, how our pasts affect us, and how strongly we can feel about things even when our heads are telling us we’re not being logical.

I always find that really interesting – we’re all a product of our past, and its constantly changing, what happened yesterday, what happens today can very easily affect tomorrow.

I loved this story, plenty of angst, and the “down” part, the part which has me thinking “how can they get through this?” was kept drawn out over many chapters, which is perfect for me.

I love the sad bits, makes the HEA so much better 😉 yet for so many stories that happens over just a few pages, and for me I need the characters to really hit bottom.

Here they do, and even though I know things will come right I was so sad for them when they were in the midst of it all.

Stars: Five, great read, incredibly moving follow up.