SILVA – Book 2

Great Wave Off Kanagawa

End of a Rock and Roll Love Story!

Life isn’t easy for a rock star. Loving one is downright harrowing. Especially when you’re hiding an unwelcome ‘little’ surprise from him…

Silva, the Siren’s Wave sequel is available now. Click on the cover to read an adults only preview!

Silva - Siren's Wave book 2
Silva – End of a Rock and Roll Love Story. Siren’s Wave Book 2

Silva’s album is bulleting up the charts. Thanks to Ava, Bran has made peace with his past. But what’s left for a rock star to get when he has everything he ever wanted? How about a kick in the gut and a few things he doesn’t want—like a seriously obsessed fan, a full frontal body-slam from that pesky past he thought he’d wrangled, and the one thing—the only thing—that just might make him implode after all.

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  *** Warning increased heat quota! ***

Stars: Five, great read, incredibly moving follow up.”  5 stars Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews. Check out Jeannie’s blog here for some great recommendations.

“Don’t miss this book … I couldn’t put it down!”  5 stars – Amazon U.S.

“A steamy romance with more … Bran and Ava have the kind of sex few people even dream about.”  5 stars – Amazon U.S.

“Another page turner … I loved this story. So well written with interesting and emotional twists and turns. Hard to put down. Highly recommended.”  5 stars – Amazon Australia.

LOVE this book. Silva !!! Can’t wait to read Sirens Wave, Thank You!!! Keep doing what you do, its Amazing!! – Tami T

“WOW! I loved these books. I didn’t even stop to eat today after I received this.” – M. Anthony.

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A 70’s vibe Ton Heukels plus guitar = hell yeah to the rock romance novel!