Paperback Giveaway – Indie Rock Star Romance Series!

Paperback giveaway

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Man carrying a guitar down street.

Australian Rock Star Romance Silva

If you’d like to hold a hot rocker in your hands, then grab SILVA: End of a Rock and Roll Love Story. The paperback is out now!

Silva Paperback WS

SILVA – 3 Day Promo…

Yep, that’s right, the Siren’s Wave sequel is FREE for 3 days!

Two, three, four!

Rock star romance novel, Silva, is free on those exact days in December. Click the pic and start reading this very second.

P.S. book 1, Siren’s Wave, is currently $0.99!

Guitar Guy
A boy & his guitar!

A boy and his babe…again…

Sorry, I just can’t help myself – too cute alert #2!

Christopher Mason Daughter

I think that’s Christopher Mason and his lovely babe, looking like they belong in rock star romance book SILVA, the Siren’s Wave sequel.